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I have been using Notion for my work for a long time, and I’ve found it to be one of the most useful platforms that I have come across. Today, I store so much in Notion, everything from work to personal stuff that I need to keep track of.

As well as using Notion for my work, I have even deployed for several clients. Introducing Notion to clients is always interesting. Some are coming from the world of paper and Excel, but some have other tools that they already use. The nice thing about Notion is that it’s flexible. You can set it up to work with almost any business, and it can be easily tailored to the unique requirements of that organisation.

My Notion experience

I first started using Notion as a simple place to keep notes, but it has grown into so much more. In the years I have used the tool, it has grown to include AI, automation, API’s and so much more.

As someone who always likes new technology, I’ve tried a lot of other apps, but I kept coming back to Notion. I’ve not found anything else that gives me the power of databases, views and content in such an easy way.

Today, I have supported several clients in their Notion journey and earned a number of Notion expert certifications. For my Notion clients, I have built everything from custom templates and databases to completely new cloud integrations.

Notion customisation

To get the most out of Notion, you need to customise it. That can mean new databases and templates to automate a workflow. For many clients, that’s enough to get the whole thing working. A simple Notion environment is one with clear data going in, leading to insights coming out. This sort of Notion environment can push a business forward and quickly streamline the process.

For more complex customisations, we need to think about the API. Notion has an API that allows us to build integrations outside of Notion. We pull data out, work with third-party systems and push data back in. Sitting outside of Notion, we need to do more work; it has to be coded and deployed onto a server and monitored. These are the more complex customisations and accelerate clients by completely removing manual processes.

Can Notion help you?


If you need new tooling and better automation, then Notion is a great place to start. It has more flexibility than almost any other platform while giving you the power to make it your own.

Running a customised Notion environment costs a fraction of building a system from scratch while giving you the freedom to do it your way.

If you want some help to make it great, contact me, and we can discuss how to make Notion work for you.